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    Educationist With A Difference

    We have top tutors with complete specialization in their respective domains.

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    We are committed to follow the order of meritocracy. We can always help!


    We are dedicated to providing education to students, efficiently and passionately.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to appoint a Private Tuition Teacher in Kolkata?

    A private Tutor fills in the gaps which a regular school class might leave. Having a private tutor can help a student to gain confidence in his/her study. We assure you that your child will be more confident in his/her study under the guidance of our tutors.

    Why should I engage a tutor from Trust Educator?

    We are the most trustworthy & successful Teachers’ Bureau in Kolkata. Thousands of students have been benefited from their studies through our Private Tutor for ICSE/CBSE Board in Kolkata. We are regarded as the best Private Tutor Provider in Kolkata by students and parents. We provide modified, tailored, & reliable development programs for your child that will bring out the best in her/him and make them leaders of tomorrow. Every advancement of your child is constantly tracked and measured.

    How long generally would it take to find a Private Tuition Teacher near me?

    If you need a teacher, we request you to call/WhatsApp on 9874593539 / 9874593563. Once we get to know and understand your requirements and criteria, we will immediately start working on it. After completion of the early formalities from the parent/student’s end, we begin placing the Teacher in Kolkata within a day. In some exceptional situations, it may take a little longer!

    What is the duration of a class?

    The duration of the tuition class is generally 1 hour to 1 hour 30 mins. It can be negotiated and customized depending on the student’s requirements. We are open to deciding and changing schedules depending on the child’s requirements

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